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Statement to Media on behalf of the following law enforcement organizations:
Law Enforcement Labor Services
St. Paul Police Federation
Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis
Minnesota State Patrol Troopers Association
Minnesota Conservation Officers Association

Minnesota Law Enforcement: Gov. Dayton uses anniversary of Castile shooting tragedy to lob more tone-deaf insults at cops across Minnesota.

ST. PAUL (July 6, 2017) – One year later, Gov. Dayton continues to kick Minnesota cops to the curb.
Representatives from several Minnesota law enforcement organizations are calling out the governor for using the power of his office to fuel deeper divisions between people of color and law enforcement.

“Today is a day that should serve as a tragic and solemn reminder to all Minnesotans that we need to focus on increasing mutual trust and good will between police and the communities they serve,” said Jake Ayers, president of Law Enforcement Labor Services. “Unfortunately, Gov. Dayton decided to use the occasion to insult cops and kick law enforcement to the curb once again.”

The Governor today marked the one-year anniversary of the police shooting death of Philando Castile by holding a news conference where he reiterated his opinion that the tragedy never would have occurred if Castile and the passengers in his car were white.

Dayton also asked the Police Officer Standards and Training board to name a $12 million police training fund in honor of Philando Castile.

Members of law enforcement were not invited to the news conference.

“The Governor sure has a funny way of calling for improved police and community relations,” said Dave Titus, president of the St. Paul Police Federation. “Instead of providing thoughtful leadership on the one-year anniversary of a tragic event he holds a news conference and completely turns his back on police officers all over again.”

“Here’s a bill that was originally drafted by members of the law enforcement community, sponsored by a former police officer, Rep. Tony Cornish, and increased from $10 to $12 million,” said Lt. Bob Kroll, president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis. “If we’re going to honor somebody with a law that provides critical training for cops, how about naming it after an officer killed in the line of duty?”

“The governor cannot call for strengthened relationships between cops and the community and insult officers at the same time,” Ayers said. “That’s not leadership.”