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Unwillingness to pay vs. Inability to pay


Mayor Coleman this is:


Unbelievable? Deceptive? Typical!


This year the Federation sat through contract arbitration and listened to the city argue that a market adjustment for our members would cripple the city’s budget.


Today Mayor Coleman is attempting to ram through a council vote which will allow the city to borrow $8 million in funds for the Palace Theater on top of the $5 million already acquired from the state. This will be an estimated cost to the city of $500,000 to $600,000 per year for the next 20 years totaling $10-$12 million. Worse yet – the estimated best case scenario return on investment will be $8 million in 20 years. 


As we move forward with our wage negotiations and department budgets – remember that the city doesn't have an inability to pay. They have an unwillingness. 


Any councilmember who supports this boondoggle needs to reassess their priorities.