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Friday, November 15, 2013

Where's Coleman?

As Minnesota's Highest Paid Mayor Celebrates in Seattle - Saint Paul Officers continue to Protect and Serve without a contract
Saint Paul, MN - The National League of Cities will wrap up their annual meeting today with the election of Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman as it's new President.  A lavish party will follow in honor of Minnesota's highest paid Mayor, while Saint Paul Police officers continue to work the beat without a contract for the 11th straight month. 
"We wish that Mayor Coleman was with us negotiating a contract that improved our cops from the bottom of the metro police departments, not celebrating in Seattle," said Saint Paul Police Federation President Dave Titus. "This is a safety issue as hundreds of officers will be retiring statewide before June of 2014.  We need competitive compensation to attract and retain the best and brightest to our ranks. The citizens of Saint Paul deserve the best officers, our city should not become a feeder system of cops for higher paying departments. We would like to see Mayor Coleman and the council appreciate and compensate their cops as much as our neighbor cities do theirs."
The Saint Paul Police Federation will release a radio ad beginning Saturday featuring Officer Dan King.  King was ambushed and shot twice last year while patrolling Saint Paul's Eastside.  Complete transcript:
Last year Saint Paul police officer Dan King was shot twice while on patrol in Saint Paul 
I'm Dan King, great cops saved my life that night. Next year statewide officer retirements are expected to be at an all-time high, but our pay is lower than almost every other department in the metro, putting Saint Paul at a competitive disadvantage for hiring and retaining the best recruits.
Call Mayor Coleman and tell him, keep Saint Paul's Finest the finest.  Visit for more information, that's
Prepared and paid for by the Saint Paul Police Federation